Online Lash Lamination EN

This course is for you!

Are you a nail stylist, hairdresser, make-up artist or beautician and would you like to be able to offer an extra treatment to your customers?

Or do you just have a passion for eyelashes and want to start something up? Then this course is definitely something for you!

During the Lash Volume Lifting course, you will learn how to elevate someone’s natural eyelashes with quality products where they can enjoy the results for 6 to 8 weeks!

You will also learn how to work safely and hygienically.

No prior knowledge is required.


  • What is LVL?
  • Growth phase and cycle
  • Contraindicatino
  • Info and characteristics of allergic reactions
  • Patch test and intake pt1
  • Intake pt2
  • Intake Story
  • Safety and hygiene
  • Supplies LVL
  • Choice of silicone pads
  • How the products work
  • The treatment
  • LVL aftercare
  • Sale
  • How the products work (white board)
  • Pricing


  • How to place pads
  • How to choose the right silicone rods
  • Correct placement of the rods
  • Securing natural lashes on rods
  • Applying lotion 1
  • Removing lotino 1
  • Apllying lotion 2
  • Removing lotion 2
  • Tinting lashes
  • Remove tint from lashes + applying lotion 3
  • Remove pads and clean eyelids and lashes

Online Home Study

When you register for an online home study course you will receive:

* Access to theoretical videos

* Access to practical videos

* PDF Course

* Access to online support student group on Facebook.

* Certificate after successful case studies

Note: There is no starter pack included in this course!


In 1 time: 75 euro

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25 euros per month for 3 months

(Only possible via Paypal. This is easy to create and connect to your regular current account and very safe! You don’t need a credit card!)