Diamond Lash Battle Lottery

Lash battle lottery
Diamond lash battle
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Diamond lash batlle lottery

This competition will be acrossed all levels.

Get a chance to win a certificate of participation and a nice trophy for your collection!

Rules of Lash Battle Lottery

  • Max 10 participants per deadline
  • Compete no matter what level you are
  • Only 1 picture per entry! So choose wisely! Each picture only can be entered once ever in this battle. Pictures posted on your social are allowed but use only 1 and never use that set again even if it is another picture of the same set or another angle.
  • Collages and watermarks are not accepted.
  • Make sure your pictures are still sharp enough when zoomed in!
  • Make sure your pictures are relevant to that week’s topic.
  • Make sure you enter with your delivery address as the trophy will be sent to you directly.
  • Respect your deadline! There are no refunds!
  • Make your payment through PayPal : shey@lasheys.com and mention your name, deadline and category.
  • 40 EURO per entry
  • 1st place winners outside Australia might be asked to pay shipping fee for trophy.

Lottery categories year 2022:


September 24: Best Volume

October 1: Best Classic

October 8: Best Full Coverage

October 15: Best Shaping

October 22: Best Dolly volume

October 29: Best Lash Photo

November 5: Best Eyeliner effect

November 12: Best Volume

November 19: Best Classic

November 26: Best Full Coverage

December 3: Best Shaping

December 10: Best Dolly Volume